Pompano Beach Carpet Cleaning

Pompano Beach – Carpet Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Supplies Florida is your trusted partner for your carpet cleaning needs. We know that carpets are magnets for dirt and dust due to the woolen material used to make them. You need to clean your carpets more frequently if you have children and pets in the house. The collection of food stains and pet fur can give the impression of poor hygiene and cleanliness. A dirty carpet is also a source of allergies. While regular vacuuming does keep the carpets clean, a professional cleanup is needed once in a while. That is where we can help.

Dry Cleaning Supplies  Florida can restore your carpet to its former state. We can extract the dirt and dust from the carpet or rugs and get rid of any stain on it. For our steam cleaning process, we use heavy duty equipment to apply a solution of detergent and hot water to the carpet. High pressure machines are used to extract dirt. Our team can perform the right cleaning method for the type of carpet you have. It doesn’t matter whether the stains are caused by food spills or by your pet’s urine or feces as we can clean the carpet for you at a price you can afford!

Pompano Beach – Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Water damage is among the most common problems faced by many homeowners. Whether it is caused by flood or leaky pipes, getting a professional to perform the necessary water damage repair and restoration service is important. Never try to fix the problem on your own, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job as you may inflict more damage.

Problems related to water damage can be serious sometimes that you are left stranded outside for hours while waiting for someone to arrive and fix the problem. Water may also leak from a broken pump at great speed. Regardless of what caused the water damage, you are assured that we can fix it for you fast. We can clean water leakages, remove bad odor, fix blocked and broken pipes and more. We are available 24/7, so you can call us anytime.

Pompano Beach – Tile and Grout Cleaning

You want to improve the curb appeal of your house without sacrificing your comfort. Tiles are worth considering for this matter. When you notice chipped portions, dark lining on the grout and cracks, it is time that you call someone to fix the problem for you. Restoring the look of your flooring is practically impossible unless you hire an expert in tile and grout cleaning.

We can clean your tiles and grout and flush out microorganisms that are not eliminated during normal household cleaning. We then sterilize the surface using powerful cleaning agents. Our team knows how to handle different types of tiles such as stone, granite and porcelain, so you are assured that your flooring won’t get damaged. Call us today!

Pompano Beach – Harwood Floor Cleaning and Refinishing

Grit and dirt will mark and scratch the floor if not removed properly. Regular household cleaning and dusting products may damage your flooring. We use cleaning products that are specifically designed for hardwood floors. Our team uses the right tools and equipment for more in-depth cleaning, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your floor is safe with us. We can also refinish the floor to restore its former glory. Scratches, gouges and marks will be removed using the right methods. We are available anytime, so feel free to call us.