Dry Cleaning Supplies – FAQ

What would cause water damage?

The harsh elements of weather, such as floods and hurricanes can lead homeowners towards water damage. In addition, leaking pipes, extinguishing of a fire and defective gutters can also create water damage.

What areas of your home are more vulnerable to water damage?

Almost all the areas of your home are vulnerable to water damage. However, the basement, kitchen and bathrooms are more vulnerable due to the availability of a large number of pipelines in the surrounding.

What are the hidden signs of water damage?

Getting a musty smell, moisture and condensation, splotches of mold and peeling of wallpaper and paint are some obvious signs that indicate water damage.

How to detect water damage?

The moisture detection tools such as leak detectors can effectively be used in order to detect water damage.

What tools can assist you to deal with water damage?

Tools such as water extractors and dehumidifiers are in a position to provide a helping hand to you while you are dealing with the water damage.

What can you do when you detect water damage?

At the moment you detect water damage, you need to get in touch with your insurance provider. Next, you need to analyze the extent of the water damage and determine whether it is safe for you to live in or not. All the walls, doors and windows need to be covered with plastic sheets or plywood to prevent the interiors.

Can water damage give life to mold?

Of course, water damage can increase the chance of getting mold.

How to prepare your home before a storm?

It is better if you can prepare your property before the water damage takes place due to a storm. One of the best things you can do is to cut off power inside your home.

How to deal  with water damage after a storm?

Documenting the extent of the damage can assist you to go through a speedier repair process. This needs to be done with the help of a professional service provider. Then the exterior of your home should be analyzed to determine the extent of the damage. You need to pay special attention towards the basement.

How to remove standing water from your home?

If you can sweep outdoors, you will be able to remove standing water easily. The left overs can be removed with the assistance of a wet vac.

How does the water removal process work?

Water removal process is linked with several steps.  At the first step, water is removed from the property. Then dehumidification process is started, which is followed by evaporation. Finally, a comprehensive test would be done to make sure that there aren’t any underlying problems.

What types of water are there?

Water can be divided into several categories.

The first category is clean water and it doesn’t have the ability to create a negative impact on humans. This rotates around water damage caused by an appliance malfunction or sink overflow.

The second type of water is gray water. It is equipped with contaminants, which are in a position to create health effects on people who get in touch with.

The third category of water is called as black water. It is extremely unsanitary and it made out of pathogenic agents that flow in from different contaminated sources. It can give life to illnesses and a lot of frustration for the people.

How to protect your valuables after water damage?

If the extent of the damage is high, you can shift your valuables to the house of a family member or friend. It should be a safe and dry place. If only a part of your home is damaged, you can relocate items such as clothing, furniture and rugs to the undamaged area.

Can home maintenance assist you to stay away from water damage?

Yes, regular maintenance can assist you to fix all the issues in your home and stay away from water damage. However, it cannot offer protection to you from water damage that can take place as a result of hurricanes and floods.

How to select a professional water damage restoration company?

Your insurance company would provide you with a list of water damage restoration specialists and it is up to you to select one out of them. You need to take a look at the certifications, ask for recommendations, and go through reviews to figure out the best service provider out of them.